Roundup has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a lymphatic system cancer.

Roundup is a weed killer that’s been the subject of many lawsuits. Unlike paraquat, Roundup is sold on the shelves of home and garden stores and used by hobbyists. The active ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate, a herbicide that kills weeds and grasses. The EPA maintains that there are no risks to human health if someone follows instructions while using glyphosate, but multiple studies have found otherwise. One analysis found that glyphosate exposure increases cancer risk by a staggering 41%. Along with cancer, Roundup can affect the reproductive system and cause thyroid problems. People began to file Roundup lawsuits against the manufacturer Monsanto in recent years, saying that they were diagnosed with cancer after long-term glyphosate use. 

In 2018, pharmaceutical company Bayer acquired Monsanto and inherited the Roundup litigation. Two years ago, Bayer set aside $10 billion to settle thousands of Roundup lawsuits. The pharmaceutical giant has requested that the U.S. Supreme Court stop the lawsuits, alleging that there’s no scientific consensus about Roundup and cancer and that the sizable punitive damages plaintiffs have been awarded are unconstitutional. The Court has declined to intervene. An estimated 120,000 people have sued Bayer, and the lawsuits have been consolidated into multi-district litigation (MDL). Some plaintiffs have seen substantial awards; one California couple was awarded $87 million at a jury trial. Several trials are scheduled over the next year. Bayer plans to stop selling Roundup for residential use by the end of 2023.

If you’ve developed cancer after using Roundup, you should talk to an Saddle Rock Legal Group attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options and the actions you can take against Bayer.

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